Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wall Street Journal Blogs ANPRM

Christopher Shea, author of the landmark 2000 article, "Don't Talk to the Humans: The Crackdown on Social Science Research," notes Rob Townsend's call to action on the ANPRM.

[Christopher Shea, "Historians and Human-Subjects Research," Wall Street Journal: Ideas Market, 5 August 2011]

Shea writes,

Understandably, some social scientists want to know why historians should get a pass on paperwork and oversight that takes up lots of their own time.

So the question is: How can oral (or, more generally, contemporary) historians escape inappropriate IRB scrutiny without denigrating their own work? Or, to back up a step, should they, in fact, have to go through the same procedures as social psychologists doing lab studies?

Might I interest him in a 4,800-word answer?

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