Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inside Higher Ed Reports on ANPRM

Inside Higher Ed reports on the ANPRM, with emphasis on concerns about the overregulation of the social sciences, humanites and journalism.

[Doug Lederman, "Updating the Common Rule," Inside Higher Ed, 3 August 2011]

The story quotes C. K. Gunsalus, Felice Levine, and your humble blogger. Mostly they are positive about the ANPRM, but Gunsalus and I express reservations. Hers concerns the proposal to extend the regulations to all research conducted at federally funded institutions:

"I have a hard time seeing how it makes sense to cover poets at universities but ignoring" surveys done by companies or research that takes place at fertility clinics or other entities that forgo federal funds. "I don't agree with this choice, and don't think it will solve the problem in the way they think it will."

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