Monday, January 23, 2012

Li and Brown Continue Negotiations

A correspondent asks for an update in the case of Jin Li, the Brown professor who sued her university after its IRB restricted her research.

I checked Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) and found that on January 13, the parties jointly asked for an extension of the discovery deadline, telling the court "that they continue to negotiate a settlement of the claims. Due to the efforts made negotiating a settlement, only minimal discovery has been propounded so far. As such, if the parties are unable to settle, then the parties will need time to complete formal discovery."

I have posted the motion and other key documents on my IRB Documents page.

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Shirley Isbill said...

Jin Li's chief complaint was that the Brown IRB would not let her use her research data.

IRBs do not have the authority to prevent the use of research data.

Brown did not comment on this in their answer to her complaint. Brown did admit that the IRB prevented Jin Li from using her research data.