Thursday, February 5, 2009

PRIM&R Plans SBER Webinar

On February 25, PRIM&R will host a "webinar" entitled "New Solutions to Ongoing Problems When Reviewing Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research." The two faculty are Mary Marshall Clark, who successfully liberated oral history from IRB oversight at Columbia, and J. Michael Oakes, whose chapter in Institutional Review Board: Management and Function more or less claims that questionnaires can drive people to suicide. That's an interesting contrast, though not interesting enough for me to pay $175 to participate.


Anonymous said...

My university is paying for the webinar (ack! an awful pseudo-word), so I will view it. Your description of the presenters leaves me at once optimistic and pessimistic. What are the odds that Oakes will persuade IRBs that they should be more cautious? Mine is already too cautious, it seems to me.

Zachary M. Schrag said...

Thanks for your comment. I hope to hear more after the webinar.